Sunday, March 8, 2009

Google Analytics ROCKS!

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Okay, I'm a techy geek so how did I NOT know about Google Analytics before? This program is awesome! Thanks Beth for introducing it to me in your blog here and here.

I had been trying to find a free web service that would provide me with a "hit counter" of sorts tha
t didn't look cheesy. Thanks to Google Analytics, I've found it! I'm especially loving the Map Overlay feature. It's just so cool to be able to see where in the world my readers are. (Thanks especially to North Carolina's readers, who are second only to my home state of Illinois and most of that traffic is probably me checking/responding to comments or making sure that things posted correctly.)

I'm still learning what all I'm able to do with this program, so I'm probably missing out on several other really cool features, but I'll figure them out. I'm not a techy geek for nothing! Right now I'm interested in learning if there's a way to make Google Analytics ignore traffic from my computer so my having to click into the blog to check things doesn't skew my traffic data.

But anywho... I should be writing my novel right now, not my blog.... I guess I'll get back to that.

So, until I blog again...
Talk 2ya later...

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beth said...

*waves hello from NC* Glad you found GA helpful! :)

mand said...

Thanx for this - and the link. I (also geeky, and also new to GA) hadn't known it was free. That makes ALL the difference!

aeryn said...

Google Analytics does rock! There is a way to make it ignore traffic from your own computer. It is in the settings somewhere... I remember doing that a couple of years back, I just don;t remember the specifics... What can I say, faulty memory . It seems that the more I learn the more I forget :(

Willow said...

mand: yeah, GA is free and so cool for us techy geeks. Everyday I'm wasting more and more time learning what it can do, lol!

aeryn: oooh! Now I need to start digging in GA even more to find that. I'm sure that my visitors from IL are slightly affected by me checking comments and making posts.

And, don't feel bad for forgetting how you did it before. I highly doubt that I'd remember how to do something I did once a couple of years ago.

Allen said...

Here is google's explanation:

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