Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Writing Gremlin Strikes!

Earlier today...

Writing Gremlin (WG): *POOF* "I have a brill idea..."
Me: "No."
WG: "No?"
Me: "No. I have a goal, remember? Finish the rough draft of Instinct by April... Ringin' any bells?"
WG: "I suppose you're right, but this is quite brilliant. Remember that romance story we came up with a few months ago, with the-"
Me: "Yeah, I remember it. Too many plot holes. There was no external conflict. Definitely not worth getting excited about."
WG: "But... what if we re-worked it into a YA story with the hero still a teenager. Make his internal issues a family affair... There could be an secret group out to-"
Me: "Damnit!"
WG: "Hehe..."
Me: "Don't be smug."
WG: "But I always win..."
Me: *Groans* "You know... if you learned how to type, we could double our productivity."
WG: *Laughs* "Luv, I create the stories, you write them. For now, I'm off. I shall return the first of April for you to take down the new outline." *POOF*
Me: "Wait! I meant the end of April! WG? What about Lisa's story? What about- Damnit!"


If I suddenly disappear for any length of time, unannounced, I've been arrested by the Writing Gremlin Police and am awaiting trial for murdering my muse...

But before I'm hauled away, I want to thank all my readers world wide! Checking my Google Analytics today, it registered that I have readers in four different countries! So, hello England, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and the good old US of A! It is so cool to think that my little blog has not only crossed the pond, but has crossed a couple of them to reach people all over. Thanks for reading!

Now to set my goal of having readers in every state, like Beth. America today... tomorrow, the world!

Until I blog again...
Talk 2ya later...



beth said...

Ahahaha! I totally understand the feeling!

Willow said...

I swear my Writing Gremlin is hanging out with younger kids when he's not with me. All of his really cool ideas lately have been YA/MG stories. And now he's rewriting any ideas for regular adult novels into YA ones... Glad to know that I'm not alone in having muses with ADD though, lol!

aeryn said...

Love the new look of your blog! Find something shiny to distract your WG, I think it works on mine... might work too well though and he will leave you alone for too long, so beware :)

Willow said...

I wish I could distract him. If he would only appear on command. Lately, it's just *POOF* "I have an idea!" *POOF* I need to get the little bugger a cell phone or a pager or something... lol!

Willow said...

Oh, and glad you like the new look. I've wanted a cool banner for a while, but just never had the motivation to make one. I guess procrastination is an amazing motivator... to do other things! LOL

Amethyst Willow said...

I think I'm (one of) your Netherlands visitor(s). I follow you anonymously 'cos I'm another Willow...Writing her first book. I was not a little freaked when I found you here! Also loving the new look. Your Gremlin sounds fabulously pesky ;)

Willow said...

Woot! I'm not the only Willow who's writing a book! My Writing Gremlin is his own little character, but I love him. Someday he'll probably want his own children's book or something... maybe I shouldn't have typed that... he could be watching...

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