Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Google Analytics - Ah Ha!

Ah Ha! I figured it out!

In case you were wondering how to block your visits to your sites from appearing on your GA reports, here's how! https://www.google.com/support/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?answer=55481&hl=en_US&utm_id=ad

Or, more specifically:

1. Click "Analytic Settings".
2. Click "Filter Manager".
3. Click "Add Filter".
4. Fill out the required information and select, "Exclude all traffic from an IP address".
5. Add the filter to each of your "Available Website Profiles" to "Selected Website Profiles".
6. Click "Save Changes".

And, Ta Da! The program won't count your visits to your sites from the computer with the IP address you entered. If you don't know your IP address, just Google, "What is my IP address" and use one of the websites to figure it out. Piece of cake, mmmm cake sounds good...

Well, I seriously have some catching up to do on my writing, but I had to share this.

Until I blog again...
Talk 2ya later...

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aeryn said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Now whenever I need to do this I can just come find it in your blog. You rock! BTW, whatismyip.com is my favorite, impossible to forget.

Willow said...

Awesome! I'm glad that you mentioned that this was possible, otherwise I wouldn't have assumed that it was and wouldn't have researched it. Thanks!

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