Friday, November 28, 2008

Writing Gremins have a Wicked Sense of Humor!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay, my writing gremlin is just cruel. I swear he read my blog and said, "oh dear, she's having far too much fun right now... time for a curve ball."

And a curve ball is just what he gave me. I woke up an hour earlier than my son this morning all inspired and excited to write when I realized... the crazy gremlin is giving me scenes and dialogue from the second and third installments of my Instinct trilogy... As much as I love this story and how it enfolds in later books...

*prepares toddler tantrum voice*

"I wanna write the first book!"

*end toddler tantrum voice*

He's sneaky, my writing gremlin... instead of his typical, "we're taking a break from Instinct for a day" routine where he gives me some random, new idea to type up and file away until I have time to come back to it, he goes and does this! I can just picture him shrugging and saying, "I never promised that you'd finish one before you started the other two..."

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy spending my free time today organizing my notes and typing up pretty good basic outlines for books 2 and 3. I love watching my character's lives grow and change as the story progresses. I already have good working titles and covers designed for them. I'd just really like to finish the first book before I get too detailed on any future outlines. Is that too much to ask?

Hell, I have reviewers who are still waiting for a new chapter to read who are probably going to end up getting either a cleaned up copy of my outline or a brief synopsis of what happens in chapters 2-4. I'll have to do something like this so they can read the next set of completed chapters without feeling completely lost since chapters 2-4 aren't done yet.

Oh well,

To my reviewers - I'm working on a good way to get you a new chapter without leaving you lost as to what happens in the missing chapters. As soon as I find a good solution, the pdf will be sent out.

And to my writing gremlin - you cheeky little bugger! (Yes he is a British gremlin, don't ask me why. Maybe it's the monocle...) You know I love ya and all the inspirations that you are giving me. But please let me wake up tomorrow with some fresh, new dialogue for the first book... PLEASE!


Does he look like a reasonable type to you?

You know him being a British gremlin could explain the initial time differences we were experiencing. He must have just a arrived over from England and hadn't adjusted to the new time zone yet...

Oh well...enough random babbling for tonight... Cheerio!


P.S. - Writing Gremlin image found at the following address, although my perception of the little bugger is quite a bit different from that author's...


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