Friday, November 28, 2008

Just an Introduction

Hello! I'm Willow and I'm an aspiring writer. I've been keeping a running blog since around August on my MySpace page chronicling my journey into writing my first book. I've been considering it kind of a "blog-umentary" of the story behind writing my first novel. I've been writing poems, short stories, songs, etc. since high school but never had an idea that I thought was worth expanding into a full-length story... until now!

To start out I'm going to copy over all of my MySpace posts to this blog so I can edit out any posts that don't pertain to the book easier. I'll admit that I get a little side tracked from time to time on that blog, going into more personal things. I want to make this blog so I can have one dedicated solely to the story behind my book.

I'll label each of the copied posts with the date they were originally written and then add in any new ones as I write them.

Hope you enjoy reading the story behind the scenes of an aspiring author writing her first book...



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