Friday, November 28, 2008


Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am so ready to start writing my book. I can see pretty much the entire story in my head, sort of like a movie... it's so cool. The only problems I'm having starting are:

1. First of all, I'm newly addicted to MySpace and am spending way too much of my free time learning how to do all kinds of cool stuff on it. Even now with my son napping, what am I doing? Blogging on my MySpace blog.

2. Secondly, I can't seem to decide what voice I want to write in. Part of me wants to do this completely from my main character's point-of-view but I'm afraid that if I start it like that now it will come back to bite me in the end. I'm scared that at some point in the story I'm going to need the reader to know the thoughts or feelings of someone else and I'll be pretty much stuck. Then part of me says to combat this fear, I should write it from some omniscient third person point-of-view, someone who knows what everyone is doing and feeling. The main problem with this style is that I don't know how well this story can be told from that point-of-view. I think I'm just afraid to commit to the main character point-of-view writing style because once I start writing that way the only way I could change it would require starting all over again. Deep down I know I've made my decision, but that tiny bit of doubt in the back, far corner of my brain just won't shut up.

3. Finally, I know exactly how I want the first chapter to start and can see the whole scene playing in my head but I can't come up with my first sentence. It's so annoying because I know that once I get that everything else will just start flowing out like it always does when I'm writing. There is so much pressure on that first sentence, the words that set the tone for the entire book. Can someone create a thought-to-text conversion tool for me? It would be amazing if I could just plug my brain in to the computer and download all these "videos" of my main scenes and transcribe them into text. But I guess that would take away a lot of the fun of writing a book. What's sad is that the perfect sentence will probably come to me when I'm just about to fall asleep after a long day of chasing after a teething toddler. I suppose I should put a pad of paper and a pen on my nightstand because I know I will lie in bed for a long time debating whether or not I'll be able to remember the sentence in the morning if I don't get up right then and write it down. Then my writing gremlin will get in on the act and I won't sleep at all..

Hopefully I'll get over my addiction, doubts, and writer's block and actually get a chapter or two done within the next month or two, I guess only time will tell...


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