Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Writing Gremlin, Inc

At the insistence of my husband. I feel compelled to share the body of an email that I sent a friend today. He is working on the proposal for his PhD and had requested a Writing Gremlin after hearing about the success my friend had once I gave her one. He already knows about how much mine helps me. But anyway, my other friend was also writing the proposal for her PhD and right after receiving her gremlin had a crazy 3-day writing marathon. Well, long-story-short, not only did she finish her proposal, but it was accepted and she gets to defend next week.

This is how I responded to his request (I actually filled out the personal information for him):

Greetings [ Insert Name ]!

After a lengthy interview process, I am proud to announce that your Writing Gremlin has been selected. There was quite a stack of applications as many of the little buggers really want to work with [ Insert Job ], so many apologies for the delay. We here at Writing Gremlin Inc. hand select the best possible gremlin and won't settle for anything but a perfect match. We hope that you enjoy your new muse and that you are able to form a lasting friendship with him or her that will keep you inspired for years to come!

Here's a pic of your new Writing Gremlin:

Here's the steps that you'll need to complete in order to meet your Gremlin and introduce them to your work:
  1. Print up a copy of it's picture.
    Determine in your mind if it's a boy or girl and anything else unique about it. You have to really get to know your Gremlin if you want a good working relationship with them. You wouldn't feel comfortable working closely with someone who didn't know a single thing about you, would you?

  2. Leave your data out for your Gremlin to peruse.
    Open up your files on your computer and leave out any other research materials overnight with the picture either taped backwards to the monitor or sitting nearby to allow your Gremlin time to become familiar with your work. You didn't expect them to just automatically know what you're writing about, did you?

  3. Prepare yourself for feeling the presence of your new partner.
    Whether they perch lightly on your shoulder, or drape themselves across the top of your head... Your Writing Gremlin will find a comfortable position for them when they are inspiring you. The sooner you adapt and adjust to this, the sooner you can move on to step 4...

  4. Bond with your Gremlin.
    Eventually, as you bond with your gremlin, they will become more in tuned with your writing style and needs. You will notice that, as time passes, you both begin to work really well together once you adjust to each others individual quirks and moods.

  5. Marvel at the work you're accomplishing.
    - Writing Gremlins do not mess around. Once you start truly working with one, they'll do whatever they can to keep you writing.
    - Don't expect every idea they give you to pan out as they aren't miracle workers. If they were, do you think they'd be volunteering their time to help us measly humans write?
    - They will wake you up at all hours of the night, so keep a notebook by the bed. You will NOT remember what they tell you at 2 a.m. later that morning.
    - It's important to remember that they won't necessarily give you inspiration on the part of your paper or project that you want to work on. Iit's part of their charm and you'll learn to love them for it eventually.

  6. Turn in your finished project.
    Don't forget to leave a cookie or two out for your Gremlin to thank them for all of their hard work.

We here at Writing Gremlin, Inc. sincerely hope that you enjoy your new writing partner.
Good Luck and Keep Writing!

~ Bobbi Kilbarger
President, Writing Gremlin, Inc.

- We here at Writing Gremlin, Inc. in no way, shape, or form guarantee a successful project based on working with one of our clients. Remember that the writing is all in you, a Writing Gremlin can only bring out what you already have inside of you.
- Writing Gremlin image originally found at:


See why it's bad for a Willow to be stuck on part of a chapter? I start writing goofy stuff like this!

Well, Until I Blog Again,
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